JPHAA Diploma: Basic of Pastel-Nagomi-Art & Associated Instructive Art Course

 [About Pastel Nagomi Art]
Pastel Nagomi Art came from Japan, founded by Mr. Hosoya Norikatsu in 2003. He established Japan Pastel Hope Art Association (JPHAA) and designed a series of artworks which convey positive messages such as love, peace, happiness, harmony, etc. He launched two pastel nagomi art instructor training programs, through which he aims to train up more art instructors to help spread out these messages to a greater audience.

Upon completing the course, the student may apply for a diploma registration which will be granted by JPHAA and become an Associate Instructor of Pastel-Nagomi-Art. As an Associate Instructor, you will be allowed to use the name "Pastel-Nagomi-Art" (registered trademark by JPHAA) to teach small group classes. 

[Fees and Discount]

  • Course fee per head is HKD $6,500. (As per the latest announcement by JPHAA, the registration fee will be increased from Jan 1, 2023. As a result, our course fee will be adjusted to HKD$7,400 effective Jan 1, 2023.)
  • Course fee included drawing materials, a JPHAA Course Handbook, Class Handout, diploma registration fee, wire payment fee and handling charges.
  • If you also sign up for the Advanced Instructor Training at once, $200 discount applies.
  • Payment Methods: FPS, Payme, Alipay

[Course Content]
**As per the guideline of JPHAA, Associated Instructive Art Course must be at least 20 training hours. We committed to follow JPHAA's guidelines.**

1. Lessons can be offered in person or online. This is a 3-day lesson arrangement with maximum 4 students per session.
2. The student will complete at least 18 standard drawings as required by JPHAA.
3. The instructor will explain each drawing's original design, meanings, and techniques in great details. Each student will be given a detailed class handout for further self study.
4. Upon completion, the student is required to submit an assignment within 1 month in order to apply for the diploma. Details of the assignment will be discussed in class. The instructor will submit the assignment and application form to JPHAA on the student's behalf. Please note audio and video recordings are prohibited in class, photo shootings are permitted.

[Dates & Duration]
Face-to-Face sessions: Class is located in Wan Chai.  In the 3-day class, the lesson is between 12pm-7pm, in which 1 hour is lunch time. Please indicate your desired dates on the application. On the day of class, the instructor will discuss and arrange lunch and break time with students.

The student may also choose to attend lessons online, the number of hours are the same.

[Location & Facilities]
Private classroom located in a Wan Chai co-working space, close to Admiralty MTR station. Upon receiving the application, the instructor will contact the student to confirm the dates and time and arrange room booking. The co-working space provides a pleasant environment for study. Free services included WIFI, coffee/tea, snacks, microwave oven (feel free to bring your lunch box), individual phone charging space, charging cord, etc.

[About 5ive_Senses]
5ive_Senses was established by instructor Kyna, who is also a Singing Bowl Sound Therapist and an Aromatherapist. Besides providing sound therapies, Kyna enjoys teaching both singing bowls and pastel nagomi art, with an intention to promote self-awareness and mindfulness practice through the engagement of five senses. Kyna also designs her own picture themes and offers online as well as face-to-face training lessons.

[Qualifications of the instructor]
- Bachelor of Commerce, University of Toronto, Canada
- Singing Bowl Sound Therapist (30 hours Instructor Training, HK)
- Aromatherapist (IFA accredited Diploma, UK)
- Japan Pastel Nagomi Art Advanced Instructor (JPHAA, Japan)

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