Class Volunteer – OLCC/IS/11/0523

23/05/2020 10:00 - 12:30
Class Volunteer will help 2-3 students (Aged 8-10):
1) understand the content of the English storybook;
2) participate in our structured activities (literacy games, presentation & role-play);
3) strengthen the social-emotional learning skills through the theme of the storybook; and
3) most importantly, to have fun!

To understand how we run the class and how you can best support the program, please click our class structure page

Class size: 24-28 students

報名日期 2018-08-08 - 2020-05-20
報名方法 Social Career
崗位 導師/教師
尚餘名額 16
義工對象年齡 18 - 60
付出時間 3
服務對象 導師/教師


YouTube 影片



天主教佑華小學, 2 樓 210 室, 九龍觀塘翠屏邨第四期屋邨小學


Books & Beyond Reading Club

We provide free English Reading Enrichment Programs to children with lesser means in local primary schools. Our mission is to help children develop a love of reading, nurture social-emotional skills in the face of challenges, build healthy relationships and make sound decisions.

Elements of our program:
1) English storytelling
2) Literacy games
3) Presentation/role-play
4) Field trips
5) Student leadership training


平台: 社職

活動連結: 按此

開始日期: 23/05/2020 10:00

結束日期: 23/05/2020 12:30

最後更新: 25/05/2020 03:54


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