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Sound Bath X Mindfulness Painting Workshop

1/5/2022 - 28/5/2022
time: 1:00pm – 3:00pm
venue: S513, Staunton

Let’s free our worried mothers!

Whether moms are from their 30s to 50s, “worrying” is a constant habit that we as women can’t help to just stop it. Here we are in the early 21st century, questioning everything sex- and gender-related, fathers seem to be blissfully immune to the constant low-level anxiety that besets mothers, yet women still appear to carry so much of the petty emotional burden of family life and then beat themselves up about it.

So can we change any of this? Let’s take a moment of “Pause” and let the sound vibration neutralise your frenzy brain waves to calmness and worrisome. 513 Paint Shop x Crystal Bowl Of Light have designed a fabulous program to let you and your moms open your hearts and release all your worries with the science of sound and mindfulness painting.

The program will kick off with a 30 minute sound bath to calm our minds and reconnect our physical bodies and minds, then we will channel ourselves and see what the Universe guides us with Oracle cards reading. Of course, we would need to get our brains’ juice to put our inspiration on a canvas.


*Private Groups available by request, feel free to let us know for more information.

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Event Information
Date1/5/2022 - 28/5/2022
Time05:00 - 07:00
PriceHKD 680


S513, Staunton

35 Aberdeen Street ,Central, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Island

Central and Western

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