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HARMONY – Contemporary Ink Paint x Miniature Clay Exhibition

6/1/2023 - 31/1/2023
time: 11:30am – 6:30pm
venue: H401, Hollywood

This Exhibition will be showing Japanese Miniature Clay artist Omura Reiko and Hong kong Contemporary Ink Painter Angel Hui ”Harmony” Arts works

Angel Hui
An contemporary ink painter based in Hong Kong. She’s particularly interested in reinvestigating the value of existing, found objects. she works exhume meanings of daily, mundane materials, such as plastic bags, paper clips, facial tissue and rice paper, and re-infuse them with new and unpredictable associations and perceptions.
Deeply inspired by traditional Chinese art, she often apply ink on delicate materials, such as facial tissue, rice paper, and sometimes porcelain with meticulous brushwork, twisting the ancient art form and transforming the nature of everyday objects.
One of the works, in particular, uses tissue paper as a canvas, drawing upon motifs associated with the blue and white porcelain tradition to re-dine new meanings and value of it.
She also is an emerging artist who is famous of her amazing ink work on tissue paper in recent years. She is fascinated in daily objects and often discovers new meaning in them by twisting traditional art form and appropriating common materials to become part of her artwork.

lived in Hong Kong for 29 years and have now worked as a miniature clay teacher here for 23 years. have a fascination with cute miniature models and have been sharing this with my friends and students for many years. I mainly teach in Hong Kong but also run classes in Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe and Nagoya. The classes range from try-out sessions to advanced classes and courses to make people into miniature clay teachers with certificates. Classes are available for all levels and abilities!

RVSP: HARMONY – Contemporary Ink Paint x Miniature Clay Exhibition

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Event Information
Date6/1/2023 - 31/1/2023
Time11:30 - 18:30


H401, Hollywood

35 Aberdeen Street ,Central, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Island

Central and Western

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