Xiqu Centre Original Production: Experimental Cantonese Opera “Wenguang Explores the Valley”

6/10/2021 - 12/10/2021
Studio 1, Xiqu Centre


A contemporary retelling of a classic warrior tale based on the stories of the legendary Yang family generals


This adaptation combines traditional and new set pieces, digital backdrops and other modern theatre technology to illustrate the preservation and innovation of Cantonese opera in the modern era.


The Xiqu Centre’s second experimental Cantonese opera production premiered in 2019 in Beijing, and was awarded Best Play in the Contemporary Small Theatre (Xiqu category) at the 2019 Beijing New Arts and Culture Outstanding Theatre Showcase series, in which Keith Lai was also awarded Best Actor.


Yang Wenguang hails from a family of legendary warriors. But a dream about his renowned ancestor, and a failed attempt to rescue his father from enemy hands, cause him to doubt his ability to master the martial arts skills of his ancestors. When a manservant reveals that the key to honouring his family’s legacy lies not in study but within his heart, Wenguang finds the strength to fight on.


This original production retains the essence and vitality of traditional Cantonese opera in ways that are meaningful and inspiring for contemporary creation.
── Wang Kui, Head of Institute of Xiqu, Chinese National Academy of Arts


A powerful performance, and a well-deserved Best Actor win for Keith Lai.
── Pak Yiu-charn, Hong Kong theatre artist

Artistic and Production Team
Producer / Director: Naomi Chung*
Playwright / Director / Music Arranger: Keith Lai, Janet Wong
Cast: Keith Lai, Janet Wong, Ng Lap-hei, Shum Pak-chuen

Technical Director: Rae Wu*
Set Designer: Wong Yat-kwan
Lighting Designer: Leo Siu
Sound Designer: Anthony Yeung
Video Designer: Dan Fong
Assistant Producer: Peter Lee*
Production Manager: Christina Choi*, Katrina Chan*


Keith Lai as Yang Jiye / Yang Zongbao
Janet Wong as Yang Qiniang (Du Jiner)
Ng Lap-hei as Yang Wenguang
Shum Pak-chuen as Yang Hong / Wang Wen


Ensemble Leader: Share Ka-lok
Percussion Ensemble Leader: Chan Ting-pong


*Staff of West Kowloon Cultural District


Produced by
the Xiqu Centre


Xiqu Centre


The mission of the Xiqu Centre is to preserve, promote and develop the art of Chinese traditional theatre, to nurture the local form of Cantonese opera and to promote other forms of xiqu. To advance the legacies and traditions of Chinese traditional theatre we support artists to create new works and help nurture a new generation of local performers and musicians, including working with emerging local talent and offering guidance and performance opportunities to our resident Rising Stars Tea House Troupe. Through performances, creation, education, research and exchange, we aim to expand the audience base for Chinese opera and create a new platform for the contemporary development of the art form.


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Event Information
Date6/10/2021 - 12/10/2021
Time16:00 - 15:59
PriceHKD 250

Studio 1, Xiqu Centre

West Kowloon Cultural District

West Kowloon, Tsim Sha Tsui

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