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Honouring Tradition and Heritage: Min Chiu Society at Sixty

18/2/2021 - 19/2/2022
Hong Kong Museum of Art
Commemorating its 60th anniversary this year, the Min Chiu Society, formed by a group of art collectors in Hong Kong, has been an important cultural force devoted to fostering intellectual exchange and collecting, studying and promoting Chinese art. Guided by its founding ethos––"an earnest pursuit of classic knowledge, with a passion for antiquity"––the Society's art collections are eclectic, ranging from Chinese paintings and calligraphy, ceramics, jade, glass, lacquer wares, carvings in bamboo and wood, furniture, textiles as well as China Trade arts. This exhibition will present the very best of Chinese art from the collections of Society members. Over 300 works of art will be featured, bringing the artistic and cultural taste of Chinese imperial courts and literati across generations.
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Date18/2/2021 - 19/2/2022
Time16:00 - 15:59

Hong Kong Museum of Art

10 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong

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Hong Kong Museum of Art
Established in 1962, HKMoA is the first public art museum in the city, now custodian of an art collection of over 17,000 items, representing the unique cultural legacy of Hong Kong's connection across the globe. By curating a wide world of contrasts, from old to new, Chinese to Western, local to international, with a Hong Kong viewpoint, we aspire to refreshing ways of looking at tradition and making art relevant to everyone, creating new experiences and understanding.
Hong Kong Museum of Art 香港藝術館
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