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It’s time for Plan b. | b.wing Solo Exhibition

14/4/2022 - 13/5/2022

Exhibition Introduction

JPS Gallery is pleased to present It’s time for Plan b. — a solo exhibition by b.wing at the gallery’slocation in Hong Kong. After b.wing’s successful show in JPS Tokyo in 2021, this exhibition marksthe artist’s first solo show in JPS Hong Kong, featuring a series of paintings rooted in herfeelings towards the current deteriorating COVID-19 situation and hopes to bring support to thelocal community. In light of the ongoing disruptions in Hong Kong brought by the pandemic, theartist pivoted the centre theme of the exhibition, dedicating her work to the front-line workerswho continued their responsibilities and duties in spite of the dire circumstance.

Titled It’s time for Plan b., the exhibition showcases works created during ongoing lockdowns inHong Kong due to the pandemic. On one hand, they are b.wing’s immediate response to herfrustrations towards the ineffective policies in regard to the pandemic. On the other hand, they represent her empathy and hope for great resilience of the people in the city who are experiencingthe same difficulties brought by these restrictions beyond our control.

In this new series of paintings, b.wing meticulously uses light to insulate the figures in space,creating a sense of intimacy and familiarity. Through the watchful gazes of her characters, includingher signature character A-boy, they transport the audience to their peaceful corner and tell thestories of how they self-alleviate their worries. Even in such dire times of turmoil, b.wing’s paintingsare set in an optimistic undertone, one that is conveyed by the seemingly taciturn characters.

As ever, the works of b.wing arise from her personal experiences and inner feelings. They are amirror of her psyche. Through this new series of paintings, the audience are the witnesses of theprogression of her moving forward, which is manifested in her oeuvre, the more stylised subjectsand the fluid use of colours while retaining their amiable quality.

Exhibition Details

  • It’s time for Plan b. | b.wing Solo Exhibition
  • Date: 15 April - 13 May, 2022
  • Time: 10:30-19:00
  • Venue: JPS Gallery
  • Address: Shops 218-219, 2/F, LANDMARK ATRIUM, 15 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong

About b.wing

Painter and illustrator, b.wing is best known for her signature character A-boy who she created ona piece of toilet paper in 2006. The forever seven-year-old boy has a pair of rabbit ears and darkcircles underneath his eyes. As her artistic agent, A-boy reflects b.wing’s thoughts and emotions,sharing both of their stories with the world.

Her works are wistfully mediative, embracing the complexity of our inner psyche. Often drawingreferences to her personal experiences, b.wing’s intimate works captures the heart of many withher sentiments and sensitive narratives. In her recent works, b.wing explores the possibility ofdigital drawings and watercolours, revisiting the familiar subjects with a new medium.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, b.wing earned a degree from Middlesex University, UK. She workedas the assistant of renowned fashion photographer Niall McInerney before returning to Hong Kongand began her career as a full-time artist in 2003. She held her first solo roving exhibition If youdon’t want to be perfect, you’ve come to the right place at agnès b.’s Librairie Galerie in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Taipei. Her first illustrated book I will love you till you die published in 2006, was met with immense popularity and sold out within a month. She has collaborated with many international and local brands, including Chanel, Kiehl’s, Nokia, HTC, Yahoo, Edko Films, Leviʼs and Club Monaco.

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Date14/4/2022 - 13/5/2022
Time16:00 - 15:59


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