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Our Stories

Our stories began in 2018. At that time, we were just fresh graduates. Kelvin would like to build a product that brings value to millions of people, while Eric would like to possess valuable assets like industry knowledge and networking. Without investment, we could only start something simple. After exploring different options like 'hotpot delivery' and 'food delivery with anyone as the delivery man', we decided to build a platform that help people to explore local events.

Kelvin Kong


"I hope that one day whenever you plan weekend activities, you will browse events from Playwhat."


Eric Man


"Playwhat consolidates thousands of high-quality events that you won’t want to miss."

Our Mission

Everyone should enjoy better and more meaningful weekends. Both singing karaoke and watching movie are not the only options. By leveraging technology, we would like to show the best local events at a glance, and provide real user feedback in any form of presentation like YouTube video and Instagram stories.

Interested in Our Project?

If you love our project and would like to participate, send us an Instagram message or drop us an email. We always look for passionate engineers, designers, marketers, product strategists, content creators, influencers, and more! You could also send us your precious feedback. Sometimes, we get stuck and want to know what is the next feature we should build.

What services does Playwhat offer?

Playwhat connects all the major event sources and platforms. All the events are automatically retrieved from different sources. You can find thousands of local events on our platform and everyone can add their events by themselves, more importantly, It is FREE!

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Explore 2000+ Hong Kong local events. From bazaar to art show, from mall events to workshops, include every things you may like.

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If you are looking for a place to advertise your event, here it is. Sponsor your events to raise users’ attentions. We can customise online, social media or offline advertisement on demand!

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